Every parent is a member of the Parent-Teacher Association of Carmel Convent School

Aims and Objectives of the PTA

  • To establish a close relation between parents and teachers to bring about better understanding.
  • To help the children to become healthier and better educated citizens.
  • To organize educational, social and recreational activities and to assist the school in other useful undertakings.
  • To publish and issue magazines and other literature,for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the association.


  • Mrs. Shritoma Roy
  • Mr. Haanumant Sakhuja
  • Mrs. Sumera Gandhi
  • Mr. Renjit Kurian
  • Mrs. Sonika
  • Dr. Susan George
  • Dr. B.L Sirvee
  • Mrs. Renu Raina
  • Dr. S. Sankalp
  • Mr. Sudhanshu Joshi
  • Mrs. Sucheta Monga


  • Mrs. Vatsala Bajpai
  • Mrs. Archana Sharma
  • Mrs. Moushumi Ghosh
  • Mrs. Annie George
  • Mrs. Superna Sharpe

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