Afternoon School

The Afternoon School for underprivileged children is another Outreach programme conducted on the premises of Carmel.

Under the guidance of Sr. Jenifa A.C., six dedicated teachers come regularly to school from Monday to Friday and teach subjects such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Social Science, Maths, E.V.S., Science and English. The classes are conducted between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the primary wing. Around 80 students many of whom are from neighbouring government, NDMC and Sarvodaya schools attend the classes.

The afternoon school students take part in various school activities. Many Carmel teachers and students volunteer to help in these events. During Christmas the students stage a Nativity play and make Christmas cards. A Christmas party with lunch, games and gifts is usually arranged for them.

On Children’s Day sports are conducted for the students and prizes are distributed. On Teacher’s Day the afternoon school students put up a program. Students are often given stationeries and snacks which are contributed by well wishers and Carmelites celebrating their birthdays.

The Afternoon school students are part of an online program where in they are being taught by students from various American schools by way of video conferencing.

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