Adbar Village

On 7th May, 2006 Carmel adopted the Nuh village in Haryana, 100 km from Delhi. The school principal along with teachers and students of Carmel visited Nuh village every month working towards the improvement of the village and its inhabitants. The transformation of Nuh is evident from the visible changes after its adoption by Carmel Convent School, Delhi.

Carmel next adopted the Malab village in Nuh district, Haryana, in July 2012. Parents in the medical profession volunteer to provide free checkups and supplies to the people in the village. Many parents have contributed financially to the cause. Supplies and free mid day meals are also being provided to the children. They are provided with free primary education through NGOs. Scholarships are awarded to a few students.

One of the most impressive achievements of this endeavor is that 44 students have been able to join regular school after being trained in the village. The school has also encouraged self-employment in the village by providing materials and designs for making bags. Moreover, it aids in the sale of these bags and promotes financial independence of women.

The transformation of NUH has been possible only with the support and cooperation of all concerned persons. Carmel has been part of an Indo German exchange program with St. Gertrudis School, Ellwangen, Germany since 2008. The German principal, students and teachers of St. Gertrudis visit the village each year and contribute significantly towards its development.

With both Nuh and Malab village becoming fairly self- sufficient, Carmel is now in the process of adopting a third village. Those interested in giving donations for the development of these villages are requested to contact the school office.

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