Middle School

MIDDLE AND SENIOR LEVEL.......proactive steps for life

There is a paradigm shift in the curriculum as well as in the teaching for our students in the Middle and the Senior level up to class X. There has been an enthusiastic aceptance of the new CCE method of evaluation. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation that covers all aspects of student development. It is a student-centric methodology, devised to lessen the learning related stress.

Teachers use various techniques to create the vertical learning curve They encourage students to perform role-plays, make projects,grasp the practical knowledge of the subject and promote creativity through prose and poetry pieces created by the students.

Teachers and students explain or learn concepts through PowerPoint presentations. Value Education is given as much importance as other subjects. Books are referred to for the subject, along with imbibing realistic morals Most often the lessons are taught through real life experiences. Prayers are an important part in dealing with all kinds of situations,be it joyous or trying.

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