Norms for Promotion

Promotion is decided on the marks obtained throughout the year, combined with the marks of the final examination.

The general criterion for promotion is that the student has grasped the subject matter of her class sufficiently well to follow the subjects in the higher class easily.

The following are specific norms:-

  • A percentage of 40 in the aggregate marks for the year’s average must be obtained.
  • Failure in any three subjects is sufficient reason for not granting promotion.
  • Consistent neglect of a subject will not be condoned. Deficiency must be made good before promotion is considered.

Only such pupils that pass in all subjects finally have a right to be promoted to a higher standard.
Promotions are decided at a Staff Meeting and hence the results are final and cannot be reconsidered.
A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue her studies in the school.
Admission to class XI will be according to the rules of eligibility and progress in class X. The final decision of the choice of stream for every student will be that of the school authorities.
Change of subject/stream is not permitted after the FIRST TERM for class IX & XI.
For class X & XII, No subject change will be allowed as per CBSE rules.

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