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Dear Students / Staff / Parents

Come July and we could all be excitedly looking forward to enter the portals of the school where we would meet our fellow Carmelites to share our summer vacation sprees - the joy of seeing new places, the taste of mouthwatering dishes, and adventures of a warm yet relaxed summer break – all these would always make the first day of being back in school, a memorable one.

This year, July 2020 is not the same as before. School is shut, no hugs from friends, no pats on our backs, no jokes to share and laugh together and no participation in the various school activities.

The Coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world with its tentacles has confined us to our HOMES. As we have learnt to stay safe and healthy lest we contract the virus, we have also learnt some hard truths. A warm embrace, a simple smile, a light hand shake has become a rarity, something that we may have taken for granted. This quarantine time has made us reflect on the depth and importance of human connection – the need to reach out to the poor and underprivileged. It has also unleashed in us talents that were latent, waiting to be recognized and noticed. Many of you, dear students, may have discovered that other than your studies, you are also good in cooking, writing, dancing, singing, painting, art and craft and so many other skills.

Today, we once again commence online learning .My humble suggestion is to put in your best every day. Follow the guidance of your teachers and you will emerge a winner. For students who are anxious about the syllabus, the upcoming exams, of not being able to attend online classes, we will find out a way. Take care of your health, eat and sleep well and build your immunity to fight the virus . As a Carmel family let us pray for the world, for our country that it may be a safe place to live in.

Be assured of my prayers for you and your family. Stay positive, Stay safe, Stay calm. God bless you all.

"Grow through what you go through"

Tina Maria D’souza


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