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Dear Students / Staff / Parents

Life, much like the changing seasons, offers us the opportunity to embark on fresh journeys and start anew. A new beginning is not just a chronological change; it is a mind set, a chance to rewrite our stories.

As we embrace the dawn of New Year 2024, let us cast away the shadows of the past and greet the unknown with optimism. New beginnings allow us to learn from yesterday’s lessons, appreciate the present, and look forward to the possibilities that tomorrow holds.

In every sunrise, there lies a promise of hope and resilience. It reminds us that no matter how challenging our yesterdays may have been, today offers a clean slate, a canvas waiting for the strokes of our dreams and aspirations.

Whether it’s a personal endeavor, a professional pursuit or a collective journey, the essence of a new beginning lies in the courage to take that first step. It is about embracing change, acknowledging growth, and having the audacity to redefine ourselves.

Service to others, compassion, empathy can make the New Year a special and memorable one. These gems of life help us transcend personal gain. We at Carmel believe that when we dedicate our time and efforts serving and helping others in need, we contribute to society and become beacons of love.

Let us also be persons with a positive outlook to life. A positive out look to life is not just a way of seeing , it is a way of living that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Life is an unpredictable journey filled with peaks and valleys. Having a positive outlook helps us to navigate the turns and twists with grace. More over a positive outlook is contagious. Just as a candle can light up a room, a positive person can illumine the lives of those around her/him. A positive outlook fosters a sense of community, support and encouragement.

As we welcome in 2024, may love, compassion, selfless service and a positive outlook dominate our everyday doing and our being.

Sister Tina Maria D’souza


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