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One Christmas Day a young family was outside their home making a snowman. Suddenly a plane flew overhead. After it had passed, the youngest child turned to her father and said, "Daddy how do people climb up the sky to get into planes?" Her father said that passengers didn’t have to climb up to the sky to get into planes. The planes came down from the sky to get the passengers.

The little child’s question helps us to illustrate the mystery of Christmas. We don’t have to climb the sky to meet God. God came down . God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to this earth to be among us.The birth of Christ did not take place in a palace but in a manger. Therefore if we want to meet Jesus we need to be simple, humble and meek . God shared with us his best gift , the gift is His only Son Jesus Christ. Christmas is about sharing and caring. Sharing our love and compassion by reaching out to the poor, less privileged and homeless people. Christmas is about bringing peace and joy. Our world is a victim of hared , enmity and discord . We need to be agents of peace and positivity bringing joy and hope to others.

I wish the staff, non teaching staff, students and their families Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020. May God bless you and your families and keep you in His love and care.


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