School Cabinet

The school cabinet is a very integral part of the school and comprises of a well-knit team of 12 students from class XII, chosen by the Principal and the teachers. Each year on the 25th of January the cabinet is sworn in an elaborate investiture ceremony. Each cabinet’s term lasts for a year, after which the next team takes over.

The cabinet is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school. They also shoulder the responsibility of organizing all cultural programmes and competitions held in the school. Being student representatives, the cabinet acts as an important link between the students and the school management.

The cabinet consists of the Head Girl, Asst. Head Girl, four Prefects who head the four School Parties - Satya, Shanti, Niti and Nirmal, two Sports Captains, two Discipline Prefects and two Cultural Heads. They are assisted by a council of Vice Prefects, who comprise of 8 students from class XI.


Head Girl : Manya Pasricha
Asst. Head Girl : O.C.Vaishnavi


Cultural Head : Shreya Malviya
Asst. Cultural Head : Sribriddhi Banerjee


Sports Captain : Lehar Singh Tomar
Asst. Sports Captain : Yashvi Sharma


Discipline Prefects : Taru Jain
Discipline Prefects : Vidushi Tanwar


Party Prefects (L-R) Nirmal Party: Ambika Berry, Shanti Party: Anushka Kohli, Niti Party: Meher Nayyar, Satya Party: Tanishka Bansal

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