Teacher’s Connect

The idea of connecting retired teachers of Carmel, Delhi with those currently serving the institution germinated in April 2013. Carmel Teacher’s Connect finally took shape and came into existence when the first meeting was held on 10th August 2013. Sr. Nirmalini, the current Principal, extended her kind support and encouragement in this venture. Starting with 38 members in 2013 the current number of members is 72 in 2018.

Motto : Live life to the fullest - “To meet, to share, to care”

Members : All Apostolic Carmel sisters who have served and are presently serving in Carmel, Delhi. All retired and current teachers who have been teaching for 5 years or more.

Directives :
1. Interact socially
2. Reach out to teachers who may require financial help.
3. Visit ailing teachers who are unable to attend the meetings.
4. To meet for an outing in January/February and in August/September on the school campus.

Core Committee : Mrs. Arti Malhotra (retired), Mrs. Urmil Saini, Mrs. Manisha Dabbas, Ms. Poonam Gaur, Ms. Vatsala Bajpai

CTC had organized a get together on 10th March 2018

Carmel Teacher’s Connect had organized a get together on 10th March 2018. Keeping with the spirit and tradition of Carmel many retired and serving teachers attended. The teachers enjoyed the short programme and participated very enthusiastically in the games organized for them. These meetings play a strong role in helping the retired teachers keep in touch with the school. Many fond memories were shared by the retired teachers. The meeting ended with a positive note......to stay connected.


CTC picnic to Damdama lake on 16th January 2016

A group of 27 CTC members inclusive of Principal Sr. Joviana, jr-school-in-charge Sr Beena and retired teachers went for a picnic to Damdama Lake on 16th January 2016. It was a day of fun filled activities, games and a sumptuous lunch served at the resort. The teachers interacted with each other in an informal environment and enjoyed their day out.

Carmel Teacher’s Connect

There was a Carmel Teacher’s Connect meeting and get-together held in the school Auditorium on Friday 18th September 15. Our new Principal Sr. Joviana A.C and Sr. Bina A.C (in charge of Junior School) were warmly welcomed after a brief silence in memory of the departed souls of Sr. Carmella and Tr. Vinita Ghosh. An entertaining programme was put up by the Sisters and Teachers followed by a presentation. Snacks were served at the end which was enjoyed by one and all.


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